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Coastside Detectives - Armando’s Gold


After Mason's partner finds a mysterious gold coin on the beach, a local reporter does a little sleuthing of his own and when he breaks the story of the lone coin, he ignites a modern day gold rush.


Treasure seekers from around the country descend on the area in the hope that they will be the one who walks away with the gold. Inadvertently stepping into the middle of the frenzy, Mike Mason is once more susceptible to the wiles of a beautiful but treacherous woman and without hesitation, he joins her in the quest as they scour the town in search of a map that, rumors have it, leads to a treasure trove of the gold.


Does the map even exist? If it does, who will find it first? The search turns deadly and once more realizing his mistake in the judgment of the character of a beautiful woman, their paths separate as the quest for the mysterious gold coins leads into the rugged Montara Mountain that boarders the town.


This time, Mike Mason is fighting for his own life.

Coastside Detectives `Armando's Gold audiobook out early 2020.

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